The moment you become aware that you are getting frustrated.

  1. Take several deep breaths
  2. Reflect on where you are holding stress in your body
  3. Take several more breaths and release the tension from your body
  4. Refocus your thoughts
  5. Flip your frustration around and think of a different approach
  6. Take several more breaths, continue to calm yourself
  7. Forgive the frustration, release it
  8. Think of your best hope for that frustration
  9. Smile, continue to breathe
  10. Come from your new perspective to conquer your frustration

The power of the PAUSE!







Live lightly!


I will…

I will EMBRACE all opportunities of this new day.

I will pour out my LOVE to the world.

I will give THANKS for the breath in my lungs.

I will let JOY fill my soul.

I will MEET at least one new person and give them my SMILE.

I will do my VERY BEST with everything I do.

I will be HAPPY with myself.


CUDDLE all that life has to offer.