It’s easy to find an excuse not to do something…

I don’t have enough time.

It’s too late.

I’m not that good at that.

I don’t have enough money.

What if you eliminated those excuses?

What if you removed the roadblocks?

Do you think your life would look much different?

Remove your excuses.

Make things a priority.

If you don’t, who will?



Loving everyone…

It is easy to freely love the people who make you feel happy. The real challenge is to love the people in your life who are hard to love.

Loving people who you have a hard time loving.


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Do you know why it is hard to love a certain person(s)? Unravel those reasons and begin to choose love towards them. Reflect on why you are having a hard time loving them.  Open your heart like you have never done before. Feel your vibration of love expand from your heart to theirs. Be aware how you feel as you do this.

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Beautiful Day (U2)…

Beautiful Day (U2)

“Don’t let it get away”

Don’t let any day slip through your fingers, without leaving your finger and foot prints all over it. How many beautiful days are we yet promised?

Whatever you do, big or small…make the best of what the day has to offer. You are the only one that can take charge of your destination. Go places, don’t be left behind.

“You’re on the road, but you got no destination”

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