The Choice is yours….

When the alarm goes off, you can keeping pressing the snooze alarm, dreading to get up to face the day….or you can get out of bed embrace the day and prepare yourself for a day of possibilities!

As you drive to work you can curse the driver in front of you, or cut some person off in traffic…or you can send positive thoughts to the drivers around you, let the person into traffic and be understanding.

You can skip breakfast and grab some donuts… or you have some healthy food choices ready to fuel your body, nutrition is key to a healthy body!

You can find excuses not to workout and exercise… or you can make exercise a priority and build muscle mass and strengthen your core.

You can sit on the couch and watch TV mindlessly… or you can get a book and learn something new, create your own adventure using the author’s words and expand your thinking!

You can lie and be dishonest and feel like you are getting what is owed to you…or you can act from an honest heart and lead with integrity with everything you do..

You can play the victim card and think that life is unfair… or you can change your thoughts, take accountability for your life and make things happen!


The reality is we have choices every day. No matter what, we are in control of the choices we make. We need to make good choices and taking action to realize our dreams. Without action you find yourself going nowhere fast!

Choose Love and always hugs!


Feed or Fight….

I read this quote, and it really expanded my thinking up about nutrition even more…

Every time you eat something, you are either feeding the disease or fighting the disease.

The food choices we make every time we put something in our mouth is either promoting good health or making us sick! Why would we purposely poison our bodies like that?

Awareness is key. A simple quote like this one can  change your life. It only takes one thought that will cause you to take action to make necessary changes.

Be sure to monitor your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. The best carbs are your green vegetables. Reach for these first!

I want to live a long healthy life, who doesn’t?

Love and hugs!




Thinking differently…

Our thoughts consume our day. When it comes to thoughts we all are “ADD” bouncing from one thought to another. Our thoughts will build us up, or destroy us in our tracks. The list below is what I believe about thoughts:

  • it is easier being negative / pessimistic; you need to make a conscious effort to think positive.
  • the past holds an authority over the way you think.
  • other people can influence your thinking.
  • your environment (how and where you grew up) has an impact on your thinking.
  • anything is possible…if you put your mind to it.

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…your journey to change…

When you look in a mirror what is it that you see? A reflection that changes every day. Change is happening all around us. Some people embrace change, while others will dig their feet in; resisting it.

What triggers changes in our lives? Is it the longing to be happy? Is it based on the influence of others? Is it the desire for personal growth to gain more knowledge? Is it required for health reasons? Is it…<what’s your trigger>.

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