imagesI enjoy my connections with my blogging community!

I have learned so much from all of the bloggers I’m connected with all over the world.

My mind is further opened. I’ve gain much inspiration by the words I have read, which has motivated to make changes in my life.

I want to pay it forward and promote a few new bloggers I started following.

Jacqueline at inspired me to write this post.

She is an amazing women, with so much, love, kindness and support in her heart. I’ve been following her for a while. If you aren’t following her, you need to stop over to her page and follow her! Also check out her Youtube Channel

Here are a few other blogging friends I started following recently that are providing some great insight into Nutrition. I appreciate their posts, you should take a moment to check out their blog and start following them.



Inspirational blogs:



As we read and appreciate the words shared with us by others, we should pause take a moment and PROMOTE our fellow bloggers work.

Thank you all for your words of wisdom. I truly appreciate what you share.

Love and hugs!



Make a Difference…

It doesn’t take much to perform random acts of kindness. It positively impacts others and yourself.

  • If you are a fellow blogger I am following, you inspire me with your thoughts and words. Thank you!
  • If you just stopped by for the first time, thank you for your sense of curiosity, don’t stop seeking or searching.

Here are some suggestions to try this week or come up with some of your own, leave them in the comment section.

Lift someone up if they are feeling down.

Surprise a friend with some flowers or a cookie.

Encourage a young person to reach for their dreams.

Call a family member, and let them know you are thinking of them.

Share a favorite memory with someone and let them know how it has touched your heart.

Lay down on the ground and stare up into the sky (night or day or both) explore the clouds, or count the stars.

Take a deep breath….feel you are enough, and know you are good.

Share your love with the world.


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Love and Hugs,