Come along side me…

Come along side me to encourage me to reach for the stars.

Come along side me to make me physically stronger.

Come along side me to love me through my imperfections.

Come along side me to show me understanding when things are difficult.

Come along side me to let me know you care.

Come along side me and forgive me when I am not at my best.

Come along side and share some fun and laughs.

Come along side me and explore what life has to offer.

Come along side me because you influence my life.

Come along side me….because life isn’t meant to do alone.




You should always have a few “Buddies” to do life with.

I love to hike and I have a few hiking buddies that I like to hike with.

There are times I may hike alone, but hiking with a Buddy is fun and a great way to challenge each other.

Not only do you get to share the awesome beauty and experience of the hike, but you get to have some great conversations and laughs along the way.

Hiking is like a dance, sometimes you lead and other times your buddy may lead. You just naturally flow up the mountain. When it’s time to rest, you both are ready to stop to catch your breath.

Together you watch the weather and make decisions to continue with the hike, or retreat so you don’t get struck by lightning.

You share snacks along the way to replenish your energy.

You have each others back in case one of you slip or fall. You are there to support each other along the way. There is an unspoken trust between you and your Buddy.

At the summit you and your Buddy share the sense of accomplishment and a memory has been etched into your heart and mind forever. Afterwards at the car, looking back up at the mountain you know you made it with your Buddy! That’s the best feeling of all.

Amanda was my hiking Buddy on this day. We bagged 3 of 4 – 14ers: Bross, Lincoln, and Cameron. Democrat had to wait because of the weather.

Let’s call today Appreciate your Buddy day!

Love and hugs,


Toot Your Own Horn!

This entry is a response to Today’s Daily Prompt “Toot Your Horn”

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

“Your eyes are the window to your soul”
I have blue eyes and I receive more compliments on my eyes from people I know and even strangers. It still will take me by surprise when I am somewhere, and the first words out of someone’s mouth is…

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