You should always have a few “Buddies” to do life with.

I love to hike and I have a few hiking buddies that I like to hike with.

There are times I may hike alone, but hiking with a Buddy is fun and a great way to challenge each other.

Not only do you get to share the awesome beauty and experience of the hike, but you get to have some great conversations and laughs along the way.

Hiking is like a dance, sometimes you lead and other times your buddy may lead. You just naturally flow up the mountain. When it’s time to rest, you both are ready to stop to catch your breath.

Together you watch the weather and make decisions to continue with the hike, or retreat so you don’t get struck by lightning.

You share snacks along the way to replenish your energy.

You have each others back in case one of you slip or fall. You are there to support each other along the way. There is an unspoken trust between you and your Buddy.

At the summit you and your Buddy share the sense of accomplishment and a memory has been etched into your heart and mind forever. Afterwards at the car, looking back up at the mountain you know you made it with your Buddy! That’s the best feeling of all.

Amanda was my hiking Buddy on this day. We bagged 3 of 4 – 14ers: Bross, Lincoln, and Cameron. Democrat had to wait because of the weather.

Let’s call today Appreciate your Buddy day!

Love and hugs,




Healing your mind, heart and spirit. Your whole body needs to be in harmony to live a healthy life.

Exercise and eating right, getting proper nutrition is key in how your body performs. By eating a proper diet it provides the energy you need to support your body and the ability to get things done, mentally and physically to live a healthy life.

Align your thoughts and actions to create a plan that will get you off the couch, stop eating the junk food and get you motivated to make positive changes to live a healthy life.

Live each day as it was your last. Get outside, get your natural vitamin D from the sun. Let your body absorb the light. Try things you never did before, eat more organic foods. Live a healthy life.

Take care of your body. We only get one in a lifetime. It is our responsibility to take care of it. This is one thing we have control over. Feed it, Work it, Love it! Live a healthy life.

Happiness should fill every cell of your body. Choose the people, thoughts and things that make you happy. Live a healthy life. 

You have the choice to live a healthy life! Choose wisely.

I started my blog https://susanbodyrenovations.com/ because of my journey to become healthy. Eight years ago I decided it was time for me to live a healthy life. I needed to change my thoughts, lose some weight, get stronger, be more positive and change my diet. I’m so glad I did.

I hope my blog will inspire you to take the first step or give you ideas to continue your journey to live a healthy life:)

Love and hugs,







Don’t underestimate your true potential!

How often do we place limits on ourselves? Why do we allow doubt and fear to rule our lives?

It starts with our words. Words are powerful. Words can build us up and in a blink of an eye they can tear us down, just like that!

What would happen if you really poured out all of the love you have stored up in your heart?

How would you feel if you released all bitterness and freely forgave everyone and everything in your life?

If you truly opened your mind to all higher thoughts and creativity that lays dormant in your brain, how would your life be different?

What if your world only knew possibilities and great achievement? Life would look differently, wouldn’t it?

We all came into this world overflowing with so much PURPOSE and LOVE. What will it take to change your vocabulary to include “I CAN, I WILL!” and truly believe it?

We all have potential that is hidden deep inside us like a treasure waiting to be found and realized. Why not set it free? Why not be everything you can be and embrace every challenge that is set in front of you as a time to shine?

Change your perspective, choose powerful words to move you forward!

Do not underestimate who you are…what you can do by releasing all of yourself to be free and truly believe it with your whole heart and soul!

Love and hugs!


Daily Prompt – Friend

A friend is someone you can share your heart and soul.

They are at your side through good and bad times.

They lift you up, make you happy and share your concerns.
A friend encourages and loves you through your trials.
They listen and provide advice and know when you just need to vent.
They remember important dates and help you celebrate.
A friend gives their time to you freely.
They surprise you with fun text messages, crazy cards and phone calls.
They go to lunch, hike, walk, go to concerts, and share themselves as well.
A friendship has no boundaries. Anything goes.
They know you and accept you for who you are.
You create lasting memories and great stories with your friend!



Today’s Daily Prompt is “Connection

I am still fairly new with “blogging” and when I started blogging it didn’t even occur to me that I would make connections with people across the globe. How exciting is that?

I feel a connectedness with other bloggers I am following. They have so much passion and inspiration they share in their posts. I enjoy reading everyone’s stories and seeing things in a different way.

We all have stories, that is what makes us unique and connects us.

Blogging has opened my eyes. It allows you to expand your creativity, think differently, see new perspectives, put yourself out there, engage in writing challenges similar to these daily prompts, and connects you with others.

Connecting and communicating.

Love and hugs,



Five Items

Today’s Daily Prompt asks:

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Thanks for the prompt suggestion, Sue Perry!

I am thinking about the things I would need to survive. I have no other information about the island. I’m not sure how I got there, the location or how long I am on this island. My hope is that someone knows I am on the island and will be back for me.

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Toot Your Own Horn!

This entry is a response to Today’s Daily Prompt “Toot Your Horn”

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

“Your eyes are the window to your soul”
I have blue eyes and I receive more compliments on my eyes from people I know and even strangers. It still will take me by surprise when I am somewhere, and the first words out of someone’s mouth is…

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Stat Connection…

This post is inspired by the Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection, which suggests:

Go to your Stats page and check your 3-5 top posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them and write about it. 

Hello friends!

It was January 23, 2016 when I enter the blogging community. I only have 6 posts so far. All of my blog entries I have posted to this point are equally close with stats.

Susanbodyrenovations.com is my journey of a healthy lifestyle change.


My hope with each blog entry is to encourage and inspire others to begin or to continue their journey to a long healthy life.

Body Renovation results in “Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts and Loving Hearts” it concentrates on your whole being.

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Beautiful Day (U2)…

Beautiful Day (U2)

“Don’t let it get away”

Don’t let any day slip through your fingers, without leaving your finger and foot prints all over it. How many beautiful days are we yet promised?

Whatever you do, big or small…make the best of what the day has to offer. You are the only one that can take charge of your destination. Go places, don’t be left behind.

“You’re on the road, but you got no destination”

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