My passion is raising awareness to live healthy lives. This includes taking care of our bodies, changing the way we think, and loving ourselves and others.

Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts and Loving Hearts! I call this Body Renovation.

We live in this fast paced world; people are too busy to exercise or eat right.

  • We only have one body to take us on our life long journey, why not take care it?
  • People focus on their “lack” or “negative” thoughts. It is much easier to see things negatively than to look for the good in all situations.
  • People will get down on themselves thinking they aren’t good enough, so they don’t love themselves or others. “If you don’t love yourself how can you love others?”

Body Renovation is my story. I started my journey in 2000, an even more conscience journey since 2008. I have seen results in my life that I would like to share with anyone that might need some encouragement, inspiration, motivation or support to begin or continue their Body Renovation.


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