Food Prep….

I’m new to meal prepping, but I have to tell you…I’m starting to get into it.

The best thing to do is plan your menu for the week. Then you know exactly what you are going to eat each day. No more wasted time trying to figure out what to make for dinner after work. No need to run to the store or to a fast food place to pick something up!

Menu planning will also keep you focused on buying the items you need to buy for the week.

I get my slow cooker out and start with making a box of steel-cut oatmeal. This will make 20 serving of oatmeal. I freeze 15 servings and take them out a couple of days before I run out of my 5 servings.

After I have that going, I then begin making recipes that need to bake in the oven. When the dish is done baking, I separate into containers with 1 serving size per container. I label and place in the freezer, to grab at a later date.

Next, if I have recipes I can cook on the stove, I get them going.

While the slow cooker is cooking, the oven is baking, and the stove is cooking away…

I begin to wash my fruits and veggies. Cutting and chopping, so I have a real quick go to snack in the refrigerator. I measure out my berries and put them in baggies to grab in addition to my oatmeal. I store peppers, celery, carrots etc. in containers in the refrigerator. All of the prep work that will allow you to open the refrigerator and make good food choices during the week.

Want to change your eating habits? Start planning menus, you have a variety ways to prepare your food, organize your recipes in order to utilize all your cooking options to maximize your time in the kitchen.

Happy healthy eating fill your days!

Love and hugs,



11 thoughts on “Food Prep….

  1. I totally agree with you Susan. Having a weekly menu makes me feel so much more organised. In winter I love my slow cooker as well but right now, in the heat of our summer, it’s largely salads and lighter meals.

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    1. Made a big difference for me! Menus take that guess work out of the stnding in front of the open refrigerator searching for something anything to eat. Knowing up front and having items prepared really made it easy for me to eat better. Healthy choices made easy!

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      1. Absolutely! It still doesn’t stop my daughter from standing in front of the fridge with the door open, but she is an always hungry teenager after all! 😏 For me though, yes, menu planning has proved to be a savour.

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