What’s for Breakfast?

In the morning, do you eat breakfast or skip it?

It’s the most important meal to start your day!

Your body has been resting, as well as working maintaining bodily functions throughout the night. When you wake up, you need to consume healthy grains, fruit, and protein to get your energy geared up for the start of the day! It is best to eat within 30 minutes of waking.

If you skip breakfast or wait till later don’t expect get optimum results from your body. It’s like you have it in a “choke hold”  it needs energy to operate efficiently. If you think skipping meals helps with weight loss it doesn’t. It’s just plain cruel and unusual punishment for your body.

Love your body. Feed it. Water it. Work it. Rest it. Repeat!

Love and hugs!


6 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast?

    1. You know what? Maybe just have a small snack like and orange, apple, or toast first thing just to get some fuel for your body to operate on until a few hours later when it might be a better time for you to eat a full on breakfast like oatmeal and berries, scrambled eggs with veggies or whatever your breakfast looks like. The key is to feed you body consistently every 3-4 hours so it knows that the next meal is going to be coming. Small steps to seeing big results down the road. Keep me posted:)

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