Looking Forward….

Your past has come and gone.

Learn from it, evaluate it…but don’t dwell in it.

Your past is part of you who are, it brought you to this day…TODAY.

You can reinvent yourself however you want.

You have a new day, a new hour to try something different.

It’s never too late to begin.

A New Year is upon us…you can make a fresh start on Jan 1st, but don’t forget you have opportunities to make a fresh start at anytime throughout the year.

Best wishes, health, journeys, adventures and new beginnings for your 2017!

Love and hugs,


Be a Sponge…

Every day challenge yourself to learn something new.
There is a whole world of things, places and interests to explore and investigate.
Let your curiosity turn into wisdom. Don’t allow yourself to get lazy and stagnant!
Return to your inner child like wonder. Absorb the knowledge that is at your finger tips.
What will you explore? How will you grow?
Have fun!
Love and hugs,