Corner of Strong and Powerful…

What corner are you standing at?

I’m at the corner of Strong and Powerful!

I love to workout! Seven days a week…that’s how I roll.

Having a strong body makes me happy.

Having a strong body should make anyone happy.

If you want a strong body, it’s up to you!

You need to work at it. You have choices to make.

To start feeling better, and be more energized…exercise is the key!

No matter where you are, you can begin today to take steps in living a healthier life.

Take the first step, to find yourself on your own corner.

Running and Laughter?

Swimming and Meditation?

Walking and Smiling?

Lifting and Happy?

Biking and Determined?

Hiking and Content?

What corner are you going end up at?


Love and hugs!




10 thoughts on “Corner of Strong and Powerful…

  1. Hi Susan, Recently I am reading a lot about art of good blogging where many points are given to make blog strong in it’s content and must not be repetitive. On health awareness your present blog is good but bit repetitive as such reader may lost interest. Americans are said to be health freak but more then 50% people eat junk food and are certainly not in good physical shape. USA suffer mostly from breast and prostrate cancer, may be because of their life style. In India village women are more stronger as they are forced to do all types of physical activities which is blessing in disguise. My point is, to remain physically fit, s/he should be proactive while at work, don’t sit for long time in office, this posture is killer and up to some extent software industries are responsible for this. News readers of CNN/ BBC are found standing while reading news. This is certainly a good step. Everybody can’t give separate time for exercise but most importantly mind should be alert to give body sufficient exercise in it’s own way. You must correct me where I am wrong. Keep blogging as i am an avid reader. Thanks to word press. Regards.

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