The Same, But Different…

I sat next to the running water watching if flow down and over the rocks. The sound of the rushing water provided a calm and peaceful grounding for my being. When I got up to leave, other hikers were coming to take my place.

Sitting on the boulder, looking around at nature, seeing the trees leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and the tall evergreen trees brought an appreciation for all the beauty nature has to offer.

Passing other hikers on the trail for a brief moment…I saw into their souls. I sensed happiness, joy, pain, love, adventure, determination, exhaustion and peace. What did they see in my soul?

The trail connected us on this day, at this specific time. We were traveling the same path. Did we experience the same feelings? Did we share the same appreciation?

We are all the same, but so very different.

Love and hugs,



18 thoughts on “The Same, But Different…

  1. Hi Susan, kindly take no offense as I am bit confused how to answer this blog, ” the same but different “. Basically hiking involved physical activity but I feel hikers feel differently, some ask for challenging outing like vertical rock climbing which involves great danger of life, a little slip and hiker is no more. Your hiking environment is pretty cool and certainly every hikers must feel nature’s beauty and return home happily with good mental frame. My perception is hikers as persons may be different but their feelings are same at a perticular location but degree of satisfaction may slightly differ. With your blog, I recall years back, me alongwith few friends travelled 400 Km. on bikes on a deserted mountain (as there was no proper road) but once we reached at top, we all felt real peace of mind as clouds were sweeping us with it’s wetness. Still today we felt that freshness of nature. Hiking is always enjoyable if it is incident free. Regards.

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    1. I also welcome your comments and appreciate you stopping by. I enjoy reading your perspective, give me additional insight. Thank you! I also enjoyed hearing about your adventure with your friends on your bikes! That sounded exhilarating! Have a wonderful week my friend!

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      1. Thanks Susan, when I say incident free, my memory fly’s back to young age adventures, this time with same friends group, we ventured for a remote picnic location (not hiking) but all of a sudden our picnic ended in a ditch alongwith me, my friend, bike and some eatables. Reason of accident was self inflicted as my friend was bit tipsy (LOL). Nearby villagers saved us and swear not to mix driving and drinking and most importantly we were unhurt. Regards.

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  2. Such beautiful thoughts and a beautiful trail on which to hike. I also make up stories about the people I see on hiking trails and love the idea that being in nature brings us all closer.

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that makes up stories about people on the trails. Depending on the trail you might see a few or many hikers and I love reading their expressions. Hope you have a fantastic week! Thanks for your comment!


  3. I get what you are saying, we can be in the same space, have experienced the same views or similar activities, but since we are different, our perspective or experience might be different. In other words, we may have a different “take away” from the experience, but at that moment, we shared the common bond of being in the environment on a separate journey.

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    1. Exactly, we might both look at a rose and see beauty, you might look at the rose as a whole bloom, maybe I look at each pedal and take a whole different look at the beauty of the rose. I’ve had people say to me they would like to understand what I see when I look around at nature. Enjoy your beauty within your being. Thank you for your insightfulness:) Have a wonderful week!

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