Corner of Strong and Powerful…

What corner are you standing at?

I’m at the corner of Strong and Powerful!

I love to workout! Seven days a week…that’s how I roll.

Having a strong body makes me happy.

Having a strong body should make anyone happy.

If you want a strong body, it’s up to you!

You need to work at it. You have choices to make.

To start feeling better, and be more energized…exercise is the key!

No matter where you are, you can begin today to take steps in living a healthier life.

Take the first step, to find yourself on your own corner.

Running and Laughter?

Swimming and Meditation?

Walking and Smiling?

Lifting and Happy?

Biking and Determined?

Hiking and Content?

What corner are you going end up at?


Love and hugs!





What are you waiting for?

You’ve worked hard.

You’ve busted your backside!

You’ve stayed committed.

You have reached your goals.

You stayed with it!

Now it is time….

Celebrate your successes!

Reward yourself for your accomplishments.

Celebrate! Acknowledge your greatness!

Then continue with your hard work.

Go back to being committed.

Stay the course.

Keep achieving what you desire.

Keep being the best you everyday!

WOO-HOO! Can you give me a WOOT!

Good Job YOU!!!

Love and hugs,


I want to say…

Gratitude is priceless. It means so much if you utter two words….Thank you!

Thank you for giving me a chance.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for your trust.

Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you for sending your Son to die for my sins!

Thank you for loving me.

What are you thankful for? Who should you thank?

Love and hugs,


p.s. Thank you for stopping by:)

The Same, But Different…

I sat next to the running water watching if flow down and over the rocks. The sound of the rushing water provided a calm and peaceful grounding for my being. When I got up to leave, other hikers were coming to take my place.

Sitting on the boulder, looking around at nature, seeing the trees leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and the tall evergreen trees brought an appreciation for all the beauty nature has to offer.

Passing other hikers on the trail for a brief moment…I saw into their souls. I sensed happiness, joy, pain, love, adventure, determination, exhaustion and peace. What did they see in my soul?

The trail connected us on this day, at this specific time. We were traveling the same path. Did we experience the same feelings? Did we share the same appreciation?

We are all the same, but so very different.

Love and hugs,