Repent Your Life…

What are you doing differently today than you did yesterday?

What thoughts are you thinking that you need to change?

What direction is your life headed?

Do you find yourselves in autopilot…sailing through life?

If life is easy, you might find yourself in a rut…doing the same routine each day.

To make changes, you must repent your life.

What makes you happy?

Or are you so unhappy you don’t even know what makes you happy?

Figure it out…

Don’t settle…make changes! REPENT!!!

Love and hugs,


16 thoughts on “Repent Your Life…

  1. Great checklist questions, Susan! A new day should mean new insights, new perspectives, renewal and rejuvenation; if those things aren’t happening, then some unfinished business needs to be dealt with. I agree. In an ever-changing world, we can’t afford to be stuck in one spot for long.

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  2. Hi Susan, thanks for reply, mindfully I again read your blog but due regard, I couldn’t interpret the line, ” to make changes, you must repent your life “. True, change is life but why repentance ? I think, we must strive hard to change pattern of life if s/he is not happy with situations one is facing and castrate life of morons and live life meaningfully. I may have missed your point of view, if so, sorry for that. Regards.

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    1. I think we are on the same page. Repent is to rethink, and it should be an area of your life you need to make changes. We go through changes all of the time, but we might need to focus on something specific. I hope that clarifies it further. Have a great day!


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