Don’t Judge…

Don’t judge me until you walked in my shoes.

Everyone has their own story. We all have faced our own pain, frustration, loss, some illness, or whatever it may be that makes it unbearable to face some days. We still need to do life even though it’s a struggle. Some people can disguise it well and go through the day and you wouldn’t know they are in the midst of a bad storm in their life. Yet, others might not handle it in the same way. They might be angry at the world and that’s alright. People process things differently.

We should never judge others because we don’t know what they are facing, just like others don’t know what you are facing. If someone is being obstinate, curt or might be plain rude, don’t start judging them. Instead treat them with love, extend your compassion to them…it might be what they need at that moment. 

We never know what is going on in other people’s lives, they could have just lost a loved one, or were laid off at work, or maybe their spouse left them. They have the right to be angry. By being compassionate this can help them see that everything in the world isn’t all bad. We have a tendency to treat people the same way they are treating us. We all need to provide a little more understanding, not judgement. Shower the people with love.


Love and hugs,






19 thoughts on “Don’t Judge…

  1. So true – everyone has a story to tell – they have or had sorrow in their life. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I try each time I am out in public to say something nice to at least one person – I get some of the biggest smiles and the greatest joy from their reactions. Make someone’s day and it makes your day great.

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    1. Saying something nice to at least one person each time you are out in public is so great to do! Just saying the name on the name tag of the person who is working with you always brings a smile to their face. Hearing our name gives us a sense of worth and when a strange says it, it is like you are singing praises! It is such a simple thing to do and it is priceless. Let’s keep making the world a happier place to live! Thank you for your wonderful comment! Love and hugs:)

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      1. Thanks Susan for the love and hugs. I have several check out ladies at Wal Mart I always call by name even if I am no checking out in their line. Yes – let’s keep making this world a happier place.

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  2. Those are some wise words and ones I have tried to live my life by. I have known some pretty epic storms in my life and really understand that there are a lot of things others outside of ourselves don’t know. People don’t always share the nitty gritty details of their life with everyone they meet and yes, sometimes they are rude, insulting, angry, whatever. They are doing the best they can with what they are dealing with. Compassion is the key. =) Be well!

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