Living on the Edge…

What is it that is holding you back from accomplishing something?

Maybe you are afraid to do public speaking?

Or meeting new people is hard for you to do.

What about sharing your ideas? Do you think people might not like them?

Possibly going new places makes you nervous.

Whatever it might be, do not let fear PARALYZE you. Take control of your life and face those fear head-on!

Live on the EDGE of today, every day! Do the things you THINK you can not do, because you fear you are not capable of doing them.

We all have fears that are woven into the fibers of our physical being. If you look at the flip side of this, we also have the POWER to overcome those fears.

Don’t give your POWER away! Use it to achieve anything you want out of life!

Live on the edge of today. Chip away at your fears until you are free. FREE to do whatever you want.

Living on the edge of today should inspire you to push your limits you have placed on yourself.

Take out your FEARS! Move from Fearful to Fearless!

Love and hugs,



  • Identify one of your fears. Put a plan in place to overcome the fear. You will need patience, because it might take some time to face those fears, BUT….don’t give up!
  • Identify your fears. Write why you are fearful. What makes you fearful? How can you overcome those fears? Describe how your life would be different if you moved beyond those fears.
  • Pray for courage to face your fears head-on.


9 thoughts on “Living on the Edge…

  1. Sometimes these limits tend to define us right. Like I could be that friend who is scared to sing on-stage. I am the friend who is “shy”, so communicating with strangers is something that isn’t expected of me.
    But Susan, on the flip side, what if I am actually bad at what I am scared to try. That scares me all the more.

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    1. First off I truly believe you aren’t bad at anything. You might not have experience, and if you don’t get the experience you aren’t able to grow in it. Everyone has different perspectives about this. In your comment, you said you are “shy”…You have a wonderful blog where you are putting yourself out there, and you come in contact with strangers every day. We’ve had several great interactions and we didn’t know each other. Your artistic abilities blow me away, I couldn’t “Doodle” like you do, but if I gave it attention and focused on it, breaking it down into small manageable pieces I could create some great “Doodles” too.
      My biggest fear was of water, I never learned how to swim. I almost drowned several times in my lifetime, that was scarey! At 53, I finally faced my fear of water. It took a year for me to get the experience I needed to feel comfortable. Was it easy? Heck NO! I was fighting the water for the first few months and I was living on the edge every time I got in the pool. I wasn’t going to give up, I was going to reclaim my power. I fear water no more. I busted through that fear by living on the edge, going beyond my comfort zone. I couldn’t have accomplished that without my dear friend at my side building upon my every experience in the water until I was comfortable.
      If it feels strange, awkward or scary it’s perfectly alright, that is when you are pushing your boundaries and facing your fears. Get a friend to help you face your fears. You can’t do it alone. A support system is good to have in place. I have faith in you, take baby steps! Love and hugs!

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      1. Hey Susan,
        Please forgive me for my late reply. I was really shocked that you took the time to give to me such amazing words of advice and encouragement.
        Thank you so much! It really means a lot 🙂
        And yes, I am taking baby steps towards being the person I want to be. It’s going to be scary, but I am trying.
        God bless you always 🙂

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      2. No worries. I wanted to leave you with a different perspective to think about. Every day we have a choice to stay the same or grow doing the scary things that make us better:) We are a work in progress. Thank you and God’s favor fill your days. Love and hugs!

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