Photo101-Triumph & Contrast

The feature picture is a photo of Long’s Peak, a view from where I live. This was the 14er that I bagged back in August.

I look at that mountain every day and smile inside, knowing I was able to bag that summit. I pulled back on the photo below to give it some distance and contrast.


These two shots are of me during my workout. I never took a selfie photo using a timer on my camera before. This was a huge triumph for me!

I learned so much during this course.

8 thoughts on “Photo101-Triumph & Contrast

  1. I fail to understand the logic of SELFIES which are so popular now a days. To me selfies are nothing but self gratification and can’t be a subject of serious photography. Your timed selfies may be kept slightly different light than usual hand/stick held pics because it depicts extreme exertion of body which for me gives message how to keep self healthy. Great going Susan, keep it up. Regards.

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    1. I’m not a big fan of selfies, but with the assignment of capturing Triumph, I was killing my workout and I figured out how to use the timer on my camera. Before I took this course I didn’t really understand all of the functionality of my phone camera, because I didn’t take too many photos with it. So I ended up with a double Triumph:) I love my workouts and the feeling after completing them. We must keep our bodies fit, especially later on in life. Thank you:) Enjoy a walk and take in the worlds beauty.


  2. Fit body is not age specific but as we inching toward to death with age, it shouldn’t be painful. Our health should permit us to enjoy life without any physical ailment and for that reason your timed selfies instant push to act proactively to maintain fitness regimen. This message is of paramount importance so I keep workout out of SELFIES category otherwise I am fed up to see daily page 3 of news paper full of selfies with look good faces which conveys nothing. Regards.

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