8 thoughts on “Photo101-Double & Rotation

  1. Double red bench snap attracted me more than other one for simple reason every double objects are positioned in synchronized manner even steps of man/women are perfectly aligned. I would love to know when you snapped this particular photo, what was your aim to portray or you simply clicked it? Similarly your two balls photos are visual delight but I failed to understand the perspective to show the balls in two positions, horizontal & vertical. Susan, I consider you a good photographer and your natural snaps gives me immense pleasure and peace of mind but some snaps are different and compel to think differently. Hope you understand my logic. Regards.

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    1. For this assignment we needed to capture doubles and rotate the photo. The red balls seemed like the more practical one to rotate. Taking the photo of the two people walking, wasn’t a strategy, I needed to snap it because a car was coming and I didn’t want to miss them in the photo. I totally understand your logic. I think the course opened my eyes to approach different topics that they assigned with a creative eye. I think my landscape photos are the best, as I love my mountains:) Thank you for the nice compliment and stopping by. Since the course is complete, I probably won’t be posting every day and get back to my writing.


  2. Thanks Susan for reading my posts and reply in detail. Frankly speaking i am novice in photography but somehow I think in detail after seeing a photo which give me sort of thrill and analyze it as if I clicked it. Now again a question cropped up when you say in-spite of not a strategy, you didn’t want to miss to click ” two people walking ” frame. Why? I must compliment if you abruptly saw that frame with “double” objects in one frame and clicked. My inquisitive mind say this frame is brilliant. Kindly don’t stop your creativity which depicts some food for thought. I think landscapes are visual delight like mountain in front of your house and I couldn’t help to see few minutes the long shot of it. It’s haven on earth and you are blessed with such view. Keep your creativity ON. Regards.

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    1. I saw the double red benches, and the brick/stone columns and then I saw the double trees…I thought WOW triple double! As I started to focus the camera these two people started walking and I drew the camera back briefly, thinking What? Another double factor to add to the photo. Then I saw the car approach and knew I better get the snap. It was a little funny. Thank you! Enjoy the beauty around you!


  3. This explanation proved your photographic acumen and you clicked it spontaneously after seeing many double objects in one frame. Keep such good work on to enthuse others. I must congratulate those who maintained these objects with keen eye on color selection. Regards.

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