Book Spine Poetry – Achievement

I absolutely love this idea. Raid your bookshelves for interesting titles and create poetry!

This ideas came from a fellow blogger Nicola, Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. She is creative and a real inspiration.



The Right Thing,

The Life You’ve Always Wanted,


Everyday Enlightenment!

If you create your own Book Spine Poetry, I would love to read it. Add a pingback or post your link to a comment.

Be inspiring:)

6 thoughts on “Book Spine Poetry – Achievement

  1. I read Shreya Sharma and others poems and found they are wonderful leaving deep impact but ” book spine story ” theme is different and bit challenging because of limited words. As Susan’s idea is innovative, I have started collecting all sort of books which help me to frame a poem with pronounced meaning.
    P.S. Susan, I would have preferred to put ” the life you have always wanted ” on top with some reshuffle. Everyone has different perception of words meaning as such creation of new poem. Hope you agree with me.

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    1. Great minds…I had “The life you always wanted” on top, but did several different shuffles with these titles before finalizing this order. Please post your Book Spine for us all to see! The best thing about different perceptions is that possibilities are endless:) Thank you:)


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