6 thoughts on “Photo101-Edge & Alignment

  1. As usual your photographs are implying some meaning but alignment has an extremely important function in technical field and one has to know how alignment is done of different equipment to run it hundreds of hours without any failure. If alignment is not without it’s permitted limit, concerned equipment will certainly fail and may cause serious accident. An example, if we have to run a pump, it need to connect with a motor. Now pump/motor has to be on same elevation and radially properly aligned. It is a tricky issue but a technical person need to understand it and fit equipment accordingly. Special thanks for your aligned pics and sorry for technical explanation. Regards.

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    1. The beauty of these assignments are seeing everyone’s interpretation of the photos they capture. You bring a whole different aspect to Alignment and it makes perfect sense. I could imagine what your photo would look like for this assignment. Thank you for your view point on this. Have a great day! 🙂


  2. Yes, you are right, being a technical person, after observing a pic, primarily I will interpret it technically and if it fits within it’s boundaries, to me it certainly is beautiful, i.e. if pole wires look single wire (seeing from top or bottom), it is truly aligned, if not then my technical mind will give me impulse of non congruence in picture. Same with car positioning which is exactly parallel with similar gaps. For me pole wires and car are in aligned position. Clouds in background is simply adding aesthetic sense. These pics can be rated highly because of true amalgamation of art and science. Regards.

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