One Minute….

In this minute:

I will take time to slow my breath and feel my breath coming in and out of my body.

I will hold someone who is struggling in thought and prayer, and ask for strength and peace for them as they encounter their trial.

I will send healing thoughts out to the world in hopes it will touch someone in need.

I will smile until I feel my heart smile back at me from the inside out.

I will demonstrate patience with someone who annoys me.

I will stay present, not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, but in this minute.

I will think positive thoughts.

I will get up and walk around to stretch my body and give it a break.

I will hug someone for no reason.

I will be happy with me, myself and I.

It only takes a minute to win it. Baby steps to bigger things.

Love life and appreciate every minute you have each day.

Love and hugs,



13 thoughts on “One Minute….

  1. Susan, this is so inspiring! If everyone could do this throughout the day, weeks, months and years…. Just think how much more positive oor world would be. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring words!😃


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