Life’s filled with treasures, you should search for them every day.

To be loved and give love freely.

To forgive and be forgiven.

To laugh and make others laugh.

To give and receive freely.

To look for the good in everything.

When I am hiking I look to nature to speak to me.

These were a few treasures I have found on my hikes. Reminds me of God’s greatness.




4 thoughts on “Photo101-Treasure

  1. I must admit at times I find your blog subject rather difficult to give it proper words but seeing intricately your photos, I certainly get message you want to say. As we know photographs gives lasting imprint on mind than words. Keep clicking and let’s enjoy nature’s free gifts to mankind. Rgards.

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    1. Oh thank you so much. My hope is to inspire, motivate, change lives, send love, support, and encouragement out to everyone that stops by to read my blog. I appreciate your following, support and interaction we share! Love and hugs!


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