Photo101-Scale & Observation

My feature photo was that of Delicate Arch from a distance. It looks so small until you get up to it. It is massive!

The photo below looks like my friend jumped down from the top ledge….the question is, did she? What do you observe?





The photo above is a picture of the Delicate Arch from the side. What do you observe from this angle?


18 thoughts on “Photo101-Scale & Observation

  1. Scale in the landscape is misleading isn’t it! Something huge can look quite tiny with no scale reference. I love a landscape photo where you think ” that’s a small hill” Then you notice a tiny, tiny human in the photo and get how big the mountain really is.

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  2. Hi Susan, am following your beautiful photos and it’s surroundings. Nothing much to write except enjoying clarity and freshness associated with it. Photography is blissful if someone enjoys it as it is a case with you. First photograph is bit deceptive but lady is in air for sure as her stretched hands clearly indicates it and may be jumping on to the flat rock which is not clear. Second pic seems to me like a mummy head. This is my perception. Can you tell me which rocky terrain is this and where in Australia? Regards.

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    1. You are correct she is jumping down onto the flat rock, but do you know how far she jumped to get to that flat rock? The second photo is a side view of the Delicate Arch which is located in Utah, US. glad you are enjoying the photos. It’s been fun takin gthis on-line course. Learned alot and connected with some really great bloggers in the process. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words!


  3. Thanks Susan, again I checked first photo carefully, lady sitting on the top of rock and jumping lady seems quite a distance plus flat rock position. As lady’s shadow of legs are not fully visible means, there is a pretty wide gap between front rock (hazy) and jumping rock. As brave lady is not wearing any protective equipment, my rough guess is 20 feet to get flat surface to land. Rest remains your answer.
    As I understand rock formations are because of constant air flow from narrow passages between rocks (sandstone, may be) and my so called mummy head (second pic) is side view of that arch. You are welcome to correct my misconceptions related with photography as I feel relaxed after seeing good photograph. You use which camera ? Regards.

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    1. The photo is a little deceptive. There is a space from behind her over to the rock she is jumping to and it might be 2 feet (if I remember correctly) that she is jumping across. I am just using my phone camera. Have a wonderful day!


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