Photo101-Moment & Motion

I was struggling with what I was going to capture for Moment and Motion today. I saw other posts that inspired me, and got me thinking. Then today happened….we had a snow storm. A blizzard moved in over night.

I got ready for work and the drive in. While I was driving it dawned on me that I was moving and the snow falling down was movement, so why not snap some photos since I wasn’t really going to get much else due to the weather.

I know, it wasn’t the brightest thing to do…drive in a blizzard and take photos, but I was safe. The funny thing was that after I arrived at work I found out that they closed work for the day due to the weather. So I packed my things back up and drove home.

I created this slide and it is black and white color, because I drove in the dark to get to work, and by the time I left to go back home it had lightened up.

Now I have the day to do whatever I want. I do see shoveling in my very near future.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Photo101-Moment & Motion

    1. So you are responsible for me taking the pictures in the car! LOL I was thinking about you this morning, remembering you said you have to hold the camera very still, that made me laugh since I was driving in 8 inches of snow at the time. Hope you enjoy the slideshow. I don’t take the same quality of pictures that you do:)

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      1. Sure you do :0) we just see things different and that is what makes photography great! I also hold my breath right before I take the picture too. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember. I think it helps whether it does or not lol

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