Photo101-Warmth and Quality of Light

Excuse me, may I have your Attention, please? It appears the sunshine has disappeared, it is nowhere to be found. It has been replaced with snow.

So, it throwback Thursday time. I went through my photos to find some that had some warmth to them.

These were Moab photos. There was no shortage of sunshine there!

8 thoughts on “Photo101-Warmth and Quality of Light

  1. I had the same problem, It is raining here in Southern Ontario, so I too did a “throwback Thursday” (I like that better than the word “cheat”, glad there are no marks given out. Anyway, the lighting in your photos is super, love the warm glow… I feel better just looking at them.

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  2. Yes, indeed these photographs are simply splendid because of brilliant mix of shadow and bright light. Also credit goes to the person who captured it in camera. Reason of good quality of photos are pollution free atmosphere as such we are getting bright light. But most disturbing issue is, we are smoke from power plants and other industrial plants. Recently in China and in India, most of the day sunshine is hardly visible because of extreme pollution. As a precautionary measure, all vehicles driven by petrol and diesel are not allowed to ply on same day. Means you have to share others car on that particular day. Similarly your car will be shared by others next day. This experiment was done in Delhi and Beijing to check pollution level which indeed came down in that specific period (last year). If we have to save our mother earth, we all have to contribute as citizen. If this pattern of pollution sustain, because of global warming, snow of our poles will melt and land mass will completely submerged. Idea is for clicking beautiful pictures, we will need good sunshine which also keep us healthy. Automobile smoke is one of main reason for lung cancer. Susan, I beg for your forgiveness as I may sound spoil sport in the frames of beautiful pictures and others comments. Regards.

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    1. You don’t sound like a spoil sport…you are sharing what your environment is like vs. what I am experiencing. I didn’t realize there was so much pollution. Gives me perspective and I am grateful for what I have. Thank you for your post. Have a wonderful day! Sending sunshine your way:)


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