Photo101-Connect & Tag

A couple of weeks ago the Daily Prompt “Toot your own horn” asked to share a favorite thing about yourself.  My response was my blue eyes.

Look into my eyes and see my spirit (2)

My connection with others is looking into their eyes. I feel as though I can see into their truths, their pain, their joy, and their love. When I look into their eyes I know I am looking into their spirit.

In order to connect with others at a deeper level I receive direction from the bible. We are all connected. I read scripture to guide me with my daily interactions, in order to connect with others at a deeper level. God’s word instructs us how to love and treat each other.

Using the gallery feature, I took photos of a couple of my favorite readings:

4 thoughts on “Photo101-Connect & Tag

  1. I have been praying for a special thing this week. Asking God to help me let go. To be happy and peaceful and most importantly, to love myself. These scriptures came to me at just the right time. Thank you.

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