Today’s assignment is “bliss”

Back in September I went on a camping trip with some friends to Moab. It was such an incredible adventure. It was amazing hiking Moab and taking in all of the  beautiful scenery.


We had such a great time exploring, not worrying about time, relaxing, sharing stories and truly enjoying life! Camping, hiking being outdoors that is total bliss!



18 thoughts on “Photo101-Bliss

  1. Hi Susan, human mind always wanders and regular repetitive chores brings boredom and we search how to curb it. Most commonly, BLISS is associated with journey more so if it is adventurous. As money is primary requirement to under take any journey, Indians hardly thought of such adventure, say ten years back. But now they have deep pockets and travel all most everywhere and enjoy thoroughly. All over world, we made our life stressful to earn more and more to get every thing. Naturally travel to new found places is new route to destress and refresh mind to jump into regular grind with new vigor.

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    1. Thank you for your note. Always enjoy hearing from you. I think Bliss can be found within your everyday life as well, even if you don’t get to travel. Hearing the birds sing in the morning, a beautiful sunrise, laughing with friends…these are also other examples of bliss. Hope you find your bliss in your day. Blessings!


      1. YES, you rightly said one can blessed with bliss in every activity which s/he likes. I love my dogs Google / Yahoo as their eyes are so expressive after eating their food which says thanks and I understand it. This gives me immense happiness which we human beings can’t reciprocate in similar situation. Google is right now licking my legs after eating his pedi ..perhaps asking to love him while writing this blog. Bliss by itself is introspective subject and depends person to person. Innocent human beings are being killed by terrorists every where and they get pleasure out of this heinous crime. On lighter note, ignorance is also bliss and how many people are benefited with lack of knowledge. REGARDS.

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  2. I also have great memories of Moab and Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. I enjoyed the hiking, scenery, and peaceful solitude. Actually, that’s what I thought about for the Solitude assignment, but I couldn’t find any of my photos on my computer (probably in an album somewhere in a closet).

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