Photography class Photo 101-Street

Assignment 2 – Streets…

It occurred to me that I take many landscape pictures. I did come across this street picture (which isn’t recent) and there is something about this intersection that resonates with me.

I guess that is why I took the picture in the first place.

Love and hugs,


6 thoughts on “Photo101-Streets

  1. You very rightly said, your mind resonate when you pass through that building. Have you ever sit peacefully at home and think why that building (old) resonate with you while others not? You may have some remote association with the structure in present or past life, who knows ? In a city where my childhood passed, has a big pipal tree with changed environment around it. When I pass and see that tree, a strange sad feeling gripped me for some time and recollect all activities like playing marble below it with old friends and other activities (stealing mango from nearby garden). I have direct relation with that tree but your subconscious mind try to say something which you may not able to understand while passing that building.
    PS: my camera is dysfunctional at present. Will put photographs when available. Regards.

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    1. Thank you for such great insight. I never really thought about it from that perspective before. I love the visual you created with the big pipal tree. I wasn’t sure what that tree looked like, so I Google searched and it is such a gorgeous tree! What a great spot to have all of those memories stored up. (I love trees too! Yes, I have been known to reach out and hug a few trees from time to time when they talk to me:) Such a great share, again thank you so much. You will have to take a picture of that tree when you get your camera functional. Have a wonderful day!


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