Photo 101-Home

I am taking the on-line photography class Photo 101, and am very excited to learn more about photography.

Our first assignment is to take a picture of “what home means to me more than a shelter.

This is where I live, it is where I belong!
A place where you feel safe, connected, comfortable and able to spread your wings.
It’s saturated with your finger and footprints.
It’s where your spirit soars and your heart’s filled with love.
A place where laughter, hugs, songs, dance, challenges, opportunities and life happens.
I hang my bike helmet, my hiking shoes, snowshoes, walking shoes with many great memories in this place.
 I love the outdoors; with the mountains in my backyard I spend a lot of time either hiking or biking. I feel at home on a trail. The sun shines most of the year, except today, we have snow in the forecast.

Looking forward to improving my photography skills, because there is so much beauty out there to capture.

Love and hugs,



36 thoughts on “Photo 101-Home

  1. The skies here are beautiful and you’ve done a great job of framing the shots to make the mountains look very big. Great work! I find landscape photography to be very difficult, especially with preserving scale.

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  2. I love the lines in this picture that draw your eye to the horizon. How wonderful to hear the passion and connection you feel to the trail and wide open spaces. Given that assignment I would have expected a picture of a cozy room in a house but your response is not only welcome but refreshing. =) Hugs, Susan

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      1. Dear Blogger,

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        Susan Millard

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