Spring excitement…

I am so excited for Daylight Savings Time next week on March 13th to turn the clocks ahead an hour! An extra hour of daylight to enjoy the outdoors! I am not so excited about losing an hour of sleep, but after the first couple weeks I’ll get use to it.

With the time change, I feel that I have so much more time to accomplish things. There is something inside me growing with anticipation, as we get closer to the day we turn our clocks ahead. Daylight is already stretching out a little further in our days, and I can feel Spring tugging at my soul.

Spring is a time to unleash the newness of the season. Flowers push their way up from beneath the ground, ready to release their beauty to us. The trees buds start out small and every day stretch out towards the sun until there are full-grown leaves on the branches. The robins appear and begin singing their spring songs.

Love is in the air…oh God I love Spring!

2008-03-24 16.41.53

The weather begins to warm up, no need for heavy jackets to weigh us down. We are free in our skin! The rain will come down, quenching the thirst of the ground. The very first rain fall is the sweetest smell. You can sense the moisture being sucked into the ground and the fresh scent of Spring is in the air.

The first cutting of grass, someone needs to bottle the smell of fresh-cut grass! It is a time when everything smells fresh and new.

Are you getting “excited” or “anxious” for the time change? Maybe you might not have a time change where you live. You all know I’m excited!

Love and hugs,



  • Begin making adjustments to your schedule now. Start getting up earlier each day until next week arrives.
  • Enjoy your days:)




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