Laughter is the best medicine for your whole wellbeing.

Do you experience laughter every day?

Laughter is an exercise for your insides!


I like to make people laugh, because when they are laughing you can see their very light of their soul.

Growing up we always were sharing jokes, pulling practical jokes on each other, and just doing crazy stuff that made us laugh. I still like to pull pranks on my friends, and I can count on them to repay the pranks back on me. It becomes a contest to see who can out prank the other. I absolutely love it!

A few years back I enrolled in a yoga program and one of the sessions focused on laughter. We sat on the floor with our legs crossed, eyes closed and took a few breaths to settle in.

 The instructor guided us to think of something that would bring a smile to our face (continuing to do this with our eyes closed).

Next she guided us to begin to giggle to ourselves. Everyone began giggling and listening to everyone giggle brought more joy that led to laughing, and everyone began to laugh.

Listening to others laughing was so contagious that everyone began to laugh even harder. I began laughing so hard I was literally in tears. Remember this all started with a simple smile.


After a few minutes of this wonderful release of laughter, she guided us to stop laughing, which took a bit of time for everyone to begin to contain their laughter and to take some deep breaths to settle us back down into our bodies. 

She asked us to pay attention to how our body felt. It was AMAZING, my whole body felt light, cleansed, and I felt free…an overwhelming sense of freedom. It was like a load was lifted from my shoulders. This was one of the best sessions I ever attended.

I love to laugh, maybe that’s my secret to not taking myself so seriously. Life is about enjoying yourself. Laughter lightens your spirit and reduced your stress. It’s the best free gift you can give yourself…anytime…anywhere!

When was the last time you had a great laugh? I’m not a Doctor, but take this prescription from me…laugh every day as it was your last. It will be s special gift, and your body will fully appreciate it.

Love and hugs,



  • So go on try it yourself, start out with a little giggle and turn it into a full-blown deep-rooted belly laugh.

laugh-417268_640  Begin your daily dosage of laughter!

Photo Images Credit Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Laughaholic…

  1. Hi Susan,
    You rightly said that laughter is one of best medicine but reason to laugh has become a rarity. For this reason in India, there are many laughter clubs where members gather during morning session and starts laughing even seeing each other. Experts say while laughing, face muscles activates and blood flow improves resulting glow on face and heart gets stronger. I can recollect, while going office, in bus a guy used to stand up and started laughing without any reason. Within few minutes everyone used to laugh like lunatic. Our long journey to office ends with a positive note. Most laughable point in bus was, the laughing master used to sit quietly when whole bus member was laughing. A person who love to laugh in life is usually a satisfied person.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank Susan for prompt reply..I have retired from that office and shifted to another city, Hyderabad. This city has new culture and language. I have to communicate with body language which at times presents hilarious situation not for me but others. I feel satisfied at least I bring laughter to others at my shortcomings.

    Liked by 1 person

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