One Minute….

In this minute:

I will take time to slow my breath and feel my breath coming in and out of my body.

I will hold someone who is struggling in thought and prayer, and ask for strength and peace for them as they encounter their trial.

I will send healing thoughts out to the world in hopes it will touch someone in need.

I will smile until I feel my heart smile back at me from the inside out.

I will demonstrate patience with someone who annoys me.

I will stay present, not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, but in this minute.

I will think positive thoughts.

I will get up and walk around to stretch my body and give it a break.

I will hug someone for no reason.

I will be happy with me, myself and I.

It only takes a minute to win it. Baby steps to bigger things.

Love life and appreciate every minute you have each day.

Love and hugs,




Life’s filled with treasures, you should search for them every day.

To be loved and give love freely.

To forgive and be forgiven.

To laugh and make others laugh.

To give and receive freely.

To look for the good in everything.

When I am hiking I look to nature to speak to me.

These were a few treasures I have found on my hikes. Reminds me of God’s greatness.




Book Spine Poetry

I absolutely love this idea. Raid your bookshelves for interesting titles and create poetry!

This ideas came from a fellow blogger Nicola, Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. She is creative and a real inspiration.


The Purpose of your Life,

An Open Heart,

Everyday Grace,

The Light from Within,

Infinite Possibilities!

Photo101-Scale & Observation

My feature photo was that of Delicate Arch from a distance. It looks so small until you get up to it. It is massive!

The photo below looks like my friend jumped down from the top ledge….the question is, did she? What do you observe?





The photo above is a picture of the Delicate Arch from the side. What do you observe from this angle?


CD Poetry

Music gets your soul dancing and your heart pumping.   CD Poetry was inspired by Nicola, Sometimes Steller Storyteller with her idea to create Book Spine Poetry:

I thought about expanding on her idea using Music, album titles to create poems. This is what I came up with:


Soul’s core,

Fumbling towards ecstasy.

Come away with me,

Wanted on Voyage.

Nothing is sound.

Inspired CD Poetry.

Have a go yourself. Send me a pingback or use the tag #CDPoetry so I can see the results.

Make a Difference…

It doesn’t take much to perform random acts of kindness. It positively impacts others and yourself.

  • If you are a fellow blogger I am following, you inspire me with your thoughts and words. Thank you!
  • If you just stopped by for the first time, thank you for your sense of curiosity, don’t stop seeking or searching.

Here are some suggestions to try this week or come up with some of your own, leave them in the comment section.

Lift someone up if they are feeling down.

Surprise a friend with some flowers or a cookie.

Encourage a young person to reach for their dreams.

Call a family member, and let them know you are thinking of them.

Share a favorite memory with someone and let them know how it has touched your heart.

Lay down on the ground and stare up into the sky (night or day or both) explore the clouds, or count the stars.

Take a deep breath….feel you are enough, and know you are good.

Share your love with the world.


Photo credit Google Images

Love and Hugs,


Photo101-Moment & Motion

I was struggling with what I was going to capture for Moment and Motion today. I saw other posts that inspired me, and got me thinking. Then today happened….we had a snow storm. A blizzard moved in over night.

I got ready for work and the drive in. While I was driving it dawned on me that I was moving and the snow falling down was movement, so why not snap some photos since I wasn’t really going to get much else due to the weather.

I know, it wasn’t the brightest thing to do…drive in a blizzard and take photos, but I was safe. The funny thing was that after I arrived at work I found out that they closed work for the day due to the weather. So I packed my things back up and drove home.

I created this slide and it is black and white color, because I drove in the dark to get to work, and by the time I left to go back home it had lightened up.

Now I have the day to do whatever I want. I do see shoveling in my very near future.


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