Please Forgive Me…

We have all suffered hurt and pain from people in our lives, be it family, friends, co-workers, or whoever. I know have experienced and inflicted deep hurt and pain as a child, as a sibling, as a parent, as a friend, and as a co-worker. This deep-rooted pain is what trampled my self-confidence and caused me to question my self-worth.

 Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what has happened to you is alright, but that you are willing to release the pain and bondage you feel to the people and situations that caused you so much pain.

Forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself and the other person involved. Forgiveness takes time. Forgiveness is your step to becoming healed. Every day you need to peel back the layer of the onion until you have found the peace and comfort that forgiveness provides you.

The first step is to acknowledge who and what needs forgiving. Then picture it in your mind’s eye and forgive yourself and the other person. You might not feel like you can forgive this person at first. Trust me, just start by forgiving a little every day until you actually feel the love in your heart and freedom.

I had a situation that was very toxic; I started to forgive the other person involved. It was one of the hardest things I had to bring myself to do. It wasn’t like I was saying it to him face to face. I was forgiving him in my own private way, through my thoughts. Every day I found something else in the situation that I needed to forgive. I would forgive him and myself. We both had a role in it, so that is why you forgive yourself as well. Every single one of us needs forgiving.

I kept forgiving him every day for several years. One day I ended up running into him. We chatted a bit and during that discussion, out of the blue, he expressed to me how sorry he was for the situation a couple of years earlier. I also apologized. I know in my heart because I choose to forgive him every day that it also impacted him. What better way to see my result of forgiving than to have it come straight from his mouth that he was sorry?

I have other similar experiences like this I could share, and the bottom line is that Forgiveness is a gift. For you and the other people involved. It relieves a burden you are carrying with you. Are you willing to let go of the feelings of rage, anger, frustration, abandonment, deception and deep hurt and pain, in order to free yourself?

Lighten your burdens with forgiveness.


God sent his only Son Jesus to take away our sins and forgive us. We need to forgive others as freely.

Luke 17:4 – Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Freedom from the anger, the pain, the hurt; you are acknowledging that you will no longer be held captive to this pain. Begin forgiveness with little things if you have a hard time starting. The most powerful way to forgive is to tell the person. Take baby steps to forgive if you need to.

Who needs forgiving in your life? Can you begin to forgive them today?

Love and hugs,



  • Monitor things that bring you pain or anger throughout the day. In that moment begin to practice forgiveness.
  • Who in your life do you need to forgive and for what?
  • Before you go to bed at night reflect on your day and forgive everyone and anything.
  • Begin each day with a new slate.
  • Unwrap your gift of Forgiveness.
  • Live freely!

5 thoughts on “Please Forgive Me…

  1. The last time I forgave someone who actually never apologized for hurting me, it opened up a door for me to pray for them. Then God started telling me how to help them heal from their pain. I’m really delighted I obeyed God and forgave them.

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