Toot Your Own Horn!

This entry is a response to Today’s Daily Prompt “Toot Your Horn”

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

“Your eyes are the window to your soul”
I have blue eyes and I receive more compliments on my eyes from people I know and even strangers. It still will take me by surprise when I am somewhere, and the first words out of someone’s mouth is…

“Your eyes are sparkling blue”
“You have the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve seen”
“Your eyes are a beautiful piercing blue”
It makes me stand up a little taller and hope they are able to see something beyond the baby blues…that they see my spirit. A spirit of fun, loving, laughter and kindness.
“Your eyes show the strength of your soul”
I love that my eyes are a reflection of the goodness of my soul.
Love and hugs,

Toot Your Horn

11 thoughts on “Toot Your Own Horn!

  1. I have blue eyes too! How crazy is that? Thanks for liking my post An Apology And Five Items. =) I came over here to see what you are up to. Lo and behold I see this post and bam just like that I am now following your blog. This was a great post. I receive a lot of compliments on my eyes as well, I have congenital cataracts so in the middle of the pupil on each of my eyes is a little white dots. I don’t know, lol, it fascinates some people. =) I have never known anything else.


  2. Hi Susan, unmindfully I clicked your blue eye button and my usual black eye remained wide open to think why who is blessed with blue eye is seen as special person in our society. As I understand beauty of a person is in mind and not elsewhere. After repeatedly reading blue eyed blogs, I got beautiful line when you said ” I love that my eyes are a reflection of the goodness of my soul”. This should be the real essence of blue eyed person nothing else. Regards.

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  3. Hi Susan, Gandhi preached, ” Don’t talk evil, don’t listen evil, don’t see evil “, simple words with deep meaning but difficult to follow. Here students of class iv are taught in social science to practice it in real life. This world would be a wonderful place to live if we adults exercise and preach Gandhi’s message. Three monkey of Gandhi toy is popular in India and friends exchange this message in form of gifts in social gatherings. But then I introspect myself, how much I myself follow this message and answer is not very encouraging and at times I too faulter. It’s a true confession and tries not to fall in trap of these three devils. Gist is to keep window of beautiful eyes to receive goodness of our souls, as you said, only then we will listen and talk goodness. Regards.

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    1. Such a beautiful comment. Thank you for your words. You took me back to my childhood, we had the 3 monkeys on our display table. At the time I didn’t have such insight to fully understand . We must keep good intentions in our thoughts, minds and soul and reveal our beauty and kindness to each other with loving words and actions to have a rich full life. With those thoughts and actions being reflected outward, we will surely have the same brought back to us. Live each day in the light, love fully and embrace all goodness life has to offer my friend! (see what just came back to you?)


  4. Ray of beautiful blue eyes has taken us at different level and hope if someone follow our blogs, s/he can teach new dimension of love and goodness which has to be integral part of human civilization otherwise evil has taken monstrous shape and pulling us towards hell. Yes, you rightly said our intentions should be true to achieve real goal, I.e. to bring happiness and peace of mind for self and our dear ones who understand our logic willfully. If they feel happiness and inclined to spread goodness progressively , I will think, I have contributed little bit to our fragile society. Definitely your blogs give me strength to come out of negativity as such I try to pen my thoughts in my brittle English. Regards.

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