Daily Affirmation…

I am Strong. I work hard to train my body every day. My soul draws strength from God.

I am Confident. I do my best every day;  it changes from day-to-day. I trust I am good enough in all I do.

I am Happy. I choose to search for the positive in all situations, I choose happiness.

I am Peaceful. I center myself in the moment, I distance myself from drama, chaos and worry.

I am Loving. I send love to everyone I meet, my heart overflows with love, we are all connected.

I am Grateful. I appreciate all things in my life, I will not take anything for granted.

My thoughts define me.

My actions are a reflection of my thoughts.

Guard my thoughts to focus on everything good.

Let me be my best Self each and every day.

I AM <insert your name>.

Take away:

Blessings fill your days.

Love and hugs.

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