Body Renovation takes time and patience. It begins when you come to the realization that you want to make changes in your life. It will not happen a minute sooner. Something you see, hear, or experience will trigger your desire to bring about change.

I wasn’t aware of my body and what I was putting in it.

I put on a few extra pounds, but it was easier to buy larger sized clothes than begin to think about exercising. I was taking medications to regulate my blood pressure and cholesterol, but my insurance covered the cost of the prescriptions. I had already started to monitor my thoughts, to stop the self-bashing, and negative thinking, but there was still more work I needed to do. I was totally unaware of what was happening to my whole body.

One day it finally hit me after I looked closer at picture of myself.  A picture doesn’t lie…it was the trigger that made me realized I needed to do something. I needed to lose weight. I needed to make changes. Then it was like I started attracting people in my life that started challenging me to take action. I was ready to take action to get my life on track.

It’s going to take some time, and I needed to become patient.

Nothing happens overnight. It takes time and commitment. I started learning more and realized with exercise and eating right, that could result in getting off of medications. I identified that as part of my goal. My body fat was pretty high, so reducing that also became another goal. I needed to quit putting everything in my mouth. I needed to monitor my calories and offset my intake with exercise.

While making these changes, it also helped with my thought patterns. I started to focus on what was important to me and the things that would impact my life in a positive manner. A mind shift came about going from, “I don’t think I can do this”…to “I will do this!” I could see my self-confidence rise.

Positive changes I made in my life, resulted in living a healthier life!

I began to see results and reached my goals. Living a whole healthy life was so much more rewarding than how I was living life before. Rather than spending all my time working long hours. I was able to find a work/life balance. I finally took time to invest it into ME! When I did that life became so much better. My perspective about life changed.

Instead of buying larger sized clothes, I had to replace my closet several times, as I dropped 7 sizes. Hard work and exercise paid off.  It took time. When you focus on your goals set in front of you…time seems to fly by.

Rather than eating fast foods and processed foods, I started eating more fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish, avocados, nuts and olive oil. I continue to work on my diet, and I pay closer attention to nutrition labels. It took some time for me to get here, but persistence pays off.

2010-04-11 12.54.51

We have a hard time being patient. In this fast pace world we expect results immediately. We become impatient…patience is a muscle we must build. Good things do come to those who wait…I promise!

Love and hugs,



  • Take a selfie, examine it, love yourself and commit to make positive changes in your life.
  • Pay attention to things you hear during the day. Do you hear some of the same messages over and over? Maybe you need to take action on those messages.
  • Take steps into your own Body Renovation. Spring is around the corner, time to clean out old thoughts, extra pounds, old eating habits, or whatever you need to do.
  • Practice growing your patience. At a stop light, in the line at the store or wherever you are, wait within your own being. Settle your thoughts and yourself. Be fine with where you are for however long it takes.
  • Live life on purpose!

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