Get your body STRONG

Time to work out!  Clothes, socks, shoes, and towel …grab your bag and go.

Warm-up, foam roll, do your stretches – get your body ready.

Train your body, working hard, let’s get started:

Repetitions, sets of 3, grow your muscle on,

MENTAL FOCUS, visualizing, proper form and technique, don’t forget…keep on breathing….in; out…breathe deep.

Rest time! Quick 30 seconds – hydrate, and keep your focus!

Sweat on, getting lean – Lift, Squat, Clean…

Jump, lunge, twist…mobility moves coming on, getting strong!

Cool down, stretch and hydrate – eat your:

Protein, Fats, and your Carbohydrates.

Hydrate your insides, shower up your outside,

Knockoff, hit the hay, restful shut-eye.

Wake up…a brand new day, take it from the top!

Strong bodies working out…building muscle, losing fat!

Live healthy my friends!

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