Loving everyone…

It is easy to freely love the people who make you feel happy. The real challenge is to love the people in your life who are hard to love.

Loving people who you have a hard time loving.


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Do you know why it is hard to love a certain person(s)? Unravel those reasons and begin to choose love towards them. Reflect on why you are having a hard time loving them.  Open your heart like you have never done before. Feel your vibration of love expand from your heart to theirs. Be aware how you feel as you do this.

Take a deeper look into love, try loving in ways you never tried before. Be willing to love strangers, we are all connected, make those heart connections stronger. Don’t restrict your love to only people you know. What beliefs do you have about love that would limit sharing your love with everyone?

What if everyone freely loved each other?

Love illuminates your soul; it lifts your spirit. It brings your whole being into a perfect harmony. Spread your harmony and illumination to everyone you come in contact with. How different will your interactions look and feel? Love is for everyone, not certain people.

Your goal should focus on loving unconditionally. It will take lots of work; you have your lifetime to try to achieve it. Start today, work on it each day, forever. A loving heart is yet another muscle in building a loving attitude to share with everyone.

Love…what a priceless gift to provide to anyone and everyone.

2010-06-02 15.13.01

Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts and Loving Hearts is about focusing on flexing those muscles in each area of your life…body, mind and heart. The results will return high dividends of a strong, loving, healthy life.

Take time to send your love out in the world.

Love and hugs,



  • Send loving thoughts to everyone you come in contact with.
  • When you are angry or frustrated, stop, go to your loving heart to change how you feel.
  • Send someone a love letter, thank them for being in your life and let them know why they are important to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to say I Love You!

2 thoughts on “Loving everyone…

  1. I have a hard time with this. Especially anyone that is cruel to animals. I’ve moved to being indifferent about other people that are mean, egotistical or hateful because I realize its not me that they are angry at but could be for many other reasons. I appreciate you posting this to make me keep evaluating my thoughts and feelings. I do however know one thing: I LOVE YOU! Thank you!

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    1. Great post Bettina and thank you, I love you too! I struggle with this as well, and in doing some work in this area for only a short time, I am trying to expand my thinking and grow my ability to love, and with that comes forgiveness. I can appreciate where you are coming from, and love your willingness to continue to evaluate your thoughts. If we don’t keep challenging ourselves, then we have settled, and gain no personal growth. This will always be a work in progress. Love always:)


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