Stat Connection…

This post is inspired by the Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection, which suggests:

Go to your Stats page and check your 3-5 top posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them and write about it. 

Hello friends!

It was January 23, 2016 when I enter the blogging community. I only have 6 posts so far. All of my blog entries I have posted to this point are equally close with stats. is my journey of a healthy lifestyle change.


My hope with each blog entry is to encourage and inspire others to begin or to continue their journey to a long healthy life.

Body Renovation results in “Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts and Loving Hearts” it concentrates on your whole being.

Strong bodies engage in physical activities. This includes daily exercise or pursuing interests such as: biking, hiking, swimming, running, snowshoe, walking, lifting, skiing… whatever keeps your body moving. It also includes what you put into your body; you need to focus on healthy eating too!

Positive thoughts center on your mind and the way you think. Being aware of your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts. Staying open to possibility thinking and being able to calm you mind and meditate.

Loving hearts of course comes straight from your heart, to love yourself and others unconditionally.  Practice random acts of kindness, expressing gratitude, and expanding your generosity in spreading love out into the world.

I’m just getting started with my blog, and I am very passionate about all of these things. I continue to work on my Body Renovation every day!

I hope to grow my followers, if you have a moment, please check out my blog. If we share the same passion, it would be an honor to have you follow me.

Thank you so much!

Love and Hugs,


The Stat Connection

5 thoughts on “Stat Connection…

    1. Thank you for your kind words on my post. You might visit my site and read my post on “Thinking differently”, maybe something might resonate with you. From my experience, I monitored my negative thinking by flicking my finger on my cheek every time I caught myself thinking negatively. Let me tell you, there was a lot of flicking going on. I would then replace the negative thought with a positive one. This isn’t an easy task, it took dedication and patience to stick with it. I approached it one day at a time. Sometimes even focusing on getting through the morning. You need to remain strong, keep fighting, wanting to make the change to be more positive. Let’s face it you will fail, and that’s alright…the key is DON’T GIVE UP! Start over from where you are at, keep at it until you overcome the negative thinking. Surround yourself with positive people. Ask people to bring it to your attention if they hear you speaking negatively. Buy books on thinking positive. Michael Dooley, author of Infinite Possibilities is a great resource or just Google him to get more information. Reflect on your thoughts each day and notice what might trigger negative thinking. These are just a few suggestions. We are all different and maybe these will work for you. The first step is realizing that you want to make a change and take the steps to change your thinking. I know you can do it! I believe in you! Start now. I’m excited for your journey into new thinking.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    Sorry for delay in replying. Thanks for your mail and valuable guidelines to overcome negativity. In fact presently I am retired but not empty minded. My negativity generated due to chain of failures and as a parent, I have many unfinished duties which I am failing to resolve. There may be many in similar situation and must be fighting hard to solve their problems and this very thought gives me some strength to come out from this black hole. ” I can do it ” is very strong statement by you and am cherishing it. Thanks once again for guidance.


    1. You are welcome:) I smile while reading your reply, I see it is filled with treasures. Your chain of failures are the very blessings for you to learn and grow from. Failure is what can build us up and make us stronger. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I failed, and that made me feel poorly. BUT changing my thinking I now look at failure as a character builder and a blessing in disguise, it’s all about how you approach your thinking. I believe you even more! Love and hugs.


      1. Once again thanks Susan for guidance. I understand failures are pillar of success but time is short and I have to cross this dense dark jungle of failures. Though I am trying hard but time will tell where I stand. Waiting for CHANGE, i.e. SUCCESS. Thanks once again.

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