Thinking differently…

Our thoughts consume our day. When it comes to thoughts we all are “ADD” bouncing from one thought to another. Our thoughts will build us up, or destroy us in our tracks. The list below is what I believe about thoughts:

  • it is easier being negative / pessimistic; you need to make a conscious effort to think positive.
  • the past holds an authority over the way you think.
  • other people can influence your thinking.
  • your environment (how and where you grew up) has an impact on your thinking.
  • anything is possible…if you put your mind to it.

When you wake up in the morning your thoughts kick in. Your thoughts begin to navigate you through your day. Just as you exercise to build your body muscles, you must train your mind to keep positive thoughts.

Don’t you want to live a life that is free of drama and chaos? Don’t you want to live being happy, joyful, peaceful and loving? That’s not much to ask for, right? Begin by being mindful of the thoughts you choose. It is up to you to focus on positive thoughts each day that will make you happy. No one else is responsible for making you happy…except for you.

Your past has influence on your thoughts. Depending on your childhood and your upbringing, what you learned and believed as truth formed your thoughts; your self-confidence. You will need to evaluate your thoughts to determine which ones need to be stripped away; rebuilt into stronger, healthier ones. The ability to believe in yourself depends on healthy thinking.

Maybe you heard over and over that you couldn’t do something, or you wouldn’t amount to anything so many times that you began to believe it.  This negative thinking began to grow like a tumor inside you. You never tried, because you choose to believe the lie. The lies became part of your thinking, and that is what built walls of fear and confinement. It’s much easier to do nothing, than to prove the lies you believed are wrong. If you don’t try, you already failed.

There will come a point in your life when you decide you don’t believe those lies anymore. That will be the time to take small deliberate steps to try some new things. It is important to have supportive loving people surround you as you begin to break down the walls of fear and confinement. You need to believe in yourself for YOU! The more you start to put yourself out there, you begin to build your self-confidence. It will be easier  to realize those old thoughts you had were lies. You can replace them with positive thoughts. In doing this you become free and you will be on the fast track to healthy thinking.

Every day, every minute you have a choice to make. Starting thinking differently. When you do this it will feel strange or even awkward at first, but that awkward feeling will elevate you to a better life.

Think I’m-possible!

Love and hugs,



  • Does your past still have control over your beliefs and thoughts?
  • Identify the thoughts you accepted as truth. Work at transforming those thoughts.
  • Change your thinking, what will you do to stop thinking negatively and begin thinking positively?
  • Hold others accountable when they are talking negatively. Encourage them to find the good in what they are saying. Help them find it.
  • Make healthy thought choices.
  • Think positively!

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