…your journey to change…

When you look in a mirror what is it that you see? A reflection that changes every day. Change is happening all around us. Some people embrace change, while others will dig their feet in; resisting it.

What triggers changes in our lives? Is it the longing to be happy? Is it based on the influence of others? Is it the desire for personal growth to gain more knowledge? Is it required for health reasons? Is it…<what’s your trigger>.

I absolutely love change! I believe change brings an element of excitement, it is like a new start. Change can be hard; you have to change old behaviors and thoughts. Change can be overwhelming; you need to be open, willing and committed. Things just don’t change overnight; it takes some time. You must have patience. You must be willing to commit to putting in the time, in order to reap the benefits.

Think about your physical body. How does your body feel? How active are you? What do you put into your body? Do you think about losing weight? Do you have medical issues? There are changes you can make that will improve your physical being, but you have to be ready and willing to commit to the change. And no, this isn’t about a diet or exercise plan…it is a lifestyle change. A better way to do life…for the long haul.

I use to try so many different diets to lose weight, but then only to gain it back after falling off of the wagon. I use to buy all those exercise videos to play on the VCR (now, I am aging myself), that started collecting dust after only a couple of weeks of use. I never approached this change by framing it as a “LIFESTYLE” change. Once I approached it from that perspective things changed. It took some time, which I was willing to do. It took dedication, which I knew deep inside was going to be important.

So, do you want to make a “LIFESTYLE” change? Do you want to live life differently?

The first thing to do is write down “WHY” you want to change your lifestyle. Go on, get a paper and pen and start writing down all of the “WHY’s” you want to be able to make this lifestyle change. Be very deliberate in creating your list. For example, I was taking medications and I didn’t want to continue to take the medications to depend on them to maintain my health. I wanted to live prescription free. That was reason enough to motivate me. Get your list started and be sure to include the reason for each “WHY” you list.

Review your list, do you believe these are important enough to act on? Go through the list and prioritize them from the highest to lowest. Reread them, do they resonate deep within you? Are you getting that sense of desire to put a plan into action?

What are your next steps? Go back through your list, if you need to get more information on anything you listed, then go get it. The internet is at your hand to research. Go buy a book to get more information. Make an appointment with your Doctor to discuss. Talk to a personal trainer, or dietician. Checkout some gyms in your area. Figure out what is best for you. Do you have friends that will truly support you in your journey of this physical change? Don’t be afraid to ask friends for support, that’s what friends do support each other.

Begin your transformation to a strong body! I started with mine with just walking, then joined a gym, working with a personal trainer. I started exploring my interests, beginning to enjoy life, and began inviting more and more change into my life. The more you accept change, the easier it is to do life.

I adopted my healthy lifestyle change back in 2008 and I am still living that lifestyle.  I look back with a sense of pride, realizing all of the rewards I have reaped. I no longer take any medications (being one of my rewards). The key is you need to understand WHY it is important for you. Then you need to do what is best for you and stick with it! Commit to yourself! I believe in you!

The most exciting part is the journey, the hard work you put into yourself to get the results you want. No one else has the power over you to do this…only you. There are so many things we don’t have control over, but this is one thing that you do have control over and the ability to do it. So why wouldn’t you?

I can promise you that once you made the leap to your new healthy lifestyle change; reach your goals…you will look back and experience the best feeling in the whole wide world because you did it!!! You will have the greatest story to share about your accomplishment. That in itself is totally worth it!


Love and hugs,



  • After you write your “WHY” list, make copies and post it in places that you can see it. Re-enforce your behavior.
  • If you need to gather information, do that and then define your goals. Make them realistic and achievable. You don’t need to eat the whole elephant at once. Small steps for big rewards!
  • Track your progress, share your results with your support group.
  • There is a free application Myfitnesspal.com where you can track your food, water, exercise and print reports to review progress. You can even share your progress with a friend if they are using the application.
  • Take steps to build a strong, healthy body every day!
  • Become the change you want to see.
  • Live well friends!



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