Making the Leap…

Welcome to Body Renovation! Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts & Loving Hearts.

This is my first published blog post…disclaimer: let me start out being be completely open and honest with you. I am not an English major, so you might find run on sentences (I’m sure you will), punctuation might not be exactly right (I love commas), and I might miss a word in a sentence. BUT I can promise you that I will open my heart, mind and soul to you as I write, to share experiences and thoughts that have changed my life profusely. Please forgive me if my grammar isn’t correct.

So…why am I so passionate about Body Renovation?

My passion is raising awareness to live healthy lives. This includes taking care of our bodies, changing the way we think, and loving ourselves and others. 

Having a whole healthy body is a lifestyle choice, and in order to bring positive changes in your life persistence is key.

Failure is not an option! Don’t be afraid to fail, failure provides valuable lessons in moving you closer to success. It’s okay to re-start if you don’t succeed the first time. I have been tossing the idea of creating a blog for some time now. How long have I been tossing it around? Well since 2005. Yes, back then I created a blog site. I started writing some different posts, but I never had the courage to publish the blog. I let my fear hold me back. I didn’t think it would be good enough, or that people wouldn’t be interested in what I had to say. I needed to get clear on what I was passionate about. I needed to wrap my head around what was important to me. It took a few more years after that for me to gain the clarity, that was when I made my lifestyle change and stuck with it!

What was that lifestyle change? It was around fitness and exercise. I dropped some weight and then joined a gym, signed up with a personal trainer and dropped some more weight and body fat. I was able to get off of medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. That was back in 2008. Since then I changed my eating habits, and started making better food choices. I continue to train with my trainer, I workout every day. I continue to maintain my weight loss. I am in this for the long haul…until I leave this Earth!

Once I obtained clarification about my passion I started a page on Facebook. I kept it as a “Closed” group. This was my stepping stone, my leap of faith to confirm my passion. I posted on the page for almost a year. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on becoming stronger physically, changing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. I love to encourage everyone to open their hearts and love the people in your life that are hard to love.

As I sat down to create my 2016 goals one of them was to expand my writing. Maybe write a book (which I have on my bucket list to do some day, may this blog is my stepping stone?) I believe in identifying and writing down goals for each area of your life, body, mind and spirit. I have been doing this for 8 years now, and I complete at least 90% of the goals I write down. Writing is a powerful tool. It brings forth action.

So now I am writing this blog. I’m writing it for me, to capture my thoughts and experiences. My hope is that it will inspire you to make change in your life too. Hopefully this introduction peaks your curiosity and you will continue to read my posts.

Love and hugs,



  1. What is your passion? What do you love to do?
  2. What are your fears? What is holding you back from facing them?
  3. Are you afraid to fail? Examine why you don’t want to take risks.
  4. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? If not, think about making small steps in changing this. Start walking.
  5. Do you write down goals? Identify 3 goals you want to achieve this year.
  6. Do you have negative thoughts? Begin to watch your thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.
  7. Who in your life are you struggling to love? Begin to move those feelings to feelings of love, or even “like” if you need to take a little baby step.
  8. Enjoy life!


5 thoughts on “Making the Leap…

  1. Awesome to be around similar minds. That is one of my goals; to be around like minded people that support you, not tear you down. Cheers to a continued, successful journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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