Under the Influence…

The people we surround ourselves with everyday influence our thoughts and actions.

Without really great people in our lives to influence us, where we would be? I strongly believe that everyone is placed on our paths for us to share thoughts and experiences, learn from and grow with each other…to make the world a better place. Some people come and go throughout our lives, but the impact that they had on our hearts will never be taken away.

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So where do you begin…from exactly where you are. Are you aware of what is going on in your life, or are you letting it happen to you? Begin to raise your awareness with:

  • Your body, how does it feel when it moves.
  • Your mind, what type of thoughts run through your head every minute.
  • Your heart, how easy is it for you to love yourself?

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Making the Leap…

Welcome to Body Renovation! Strong Bodies, Positive Thoughts & Loving Hearts.

This is my first published blog post…disclaimer: let me start out being be completely open and honest with you. I am not an English major, so you might find run on sentences (I’m sure you will), punctuation might not be exactly right (I love commas), and I might miss a word in a sentence. BUT I can promise you that I will open my heart, mind and soul to you as I write, to share experiences and thoughts that have changed my life profusely. Please forgive me if my grammar isn’t correct.

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